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    JEA Issue Continues to Divide the City Council and the Mayor’s Office

    An email from Mike Weinstein, city chief financial officer, stating his office would not be providing requested information to the JEA Special Committee, that investigating the potential sale of the municipal-owned utility, drove another contentious wedge between the Mayors’ Office and the City Council.“We continue not to work on any JEA sale analysis,” Weinstein wrote in the email. “They [the Special Committee] are on their own.”Council President Anna Brosche read the email into the record at t...  Read More...

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    Lengthy Council Debate Results in a 19 Member JEA Committee; Waiving Oaths or Subpeanas

    On March 27, 2018, The City Council suite in City Hall was a buzz with whispers concerning the future of the JEA Special Committee. Rumors flew about the halls the day of the full council meeting that someone was going to make a motion to disband the committee.The motion happened. However, not only did the five-person committee live to meet again, its membership grew to include all 19 council members.   Read More...

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    Special Committee of the Council - Third Meeting to “Evaluate” Selling JEA

    City Council Auditor Kyle Billy took center stage at the March 22, 2018 Special Committee to Evaluate the Sell of JEA. He dampened the prospects of a sale being a massive economic windfall for the city and predicted that the city would only garner about $1.7 billion to $5.2 billion in net proceeds.The Council Auditor first discussed the JEA’s contribution to the city describing how the current contribution of $116.6m would only be filled partially by privatization as private utility companies ha...  Read More...

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    Special Committee of the Council - Second Meeting to “Evaluate” Selling JEA

    Procedural issues stymied progress at the March 15, 2018 meeting of the Special Committee on the Potential Sale of the JEA. The decision to place all those speaking before the committee under oath led to two primary witnesses declining to take an oath of honesty concerning their testimony before the committee.Sam Mousa, the city’s CAO and Paul McElroy JEA’s CEO both declined to be administered an oath. Neither spoke to the committee.General Council Jason Gabriel had warned the committee that req...  Read More...

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    Special Committee of the Council Meets to Begin the “Evaluation” of Selling JEA

    On March 8, 2018 Committee Chair John Crescimbeni set the tone from the beginning of the first gathering of the Special Committee on the Potential Sale of JEA. He told committee members, visiting council members, administration staff, and assembled JEA executive staff and employees that bad blood, rumors and misinformation brought Council President Anna Brosche to form the committee and that he wanted to start this investigation with a “clean slate.”The committee consists of Crescimbeni, Brosche...  Read More...

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