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    District 11 Annual Hazardous Waste Roundup a Success

    It was a beautiful Saturday morning June 24th, 2017 but hot as the City of Jacksonville and the folks in Solid Waste department battled the heat to collect your hazardous waste materials including paint cans, chemicals, electronics, including old TVs all in the name of not dumping these items into the environment or the regular land field.District 11 CM Becton was on hand most of the day, thanking residents for coming out and taking the opportunity to provide his FREE Community Resource Kit to t...  Read More...

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    District 11 Local Site Added to Cities Annual Hazardous Waste Roundup

    Each year, the City of Jacksonville, Public Works Department schedules Hazardous Waste Remote Site disposal events around the city. In serving on the Special Committee for Solid Waste, Council Member Danny Becton noted that there were no hazardous waste remote sites selected anywhere near the Southside area, much less the 32256 zip code. To serve the needs of the community in making this very important and valuable event available to District 11, CM Becton in working with the Public Works and Th...  Read More...

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    New Recycle Guidelines

    City Officials announced that changes to acceptable items for recycling have changed effective April 1, 2017. The changes were communicated via a mailing to all residents. The changes are listed  below however you may wish to review the copy of the flyer that the city mailed out recently which provides all Solid  Waste  information .Click here here  2017 Solid Waste Quick Reference GuideItems no longer acceptedPlastic garbage, grocery, sandwich bags...  Read More...

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    WASTE PRO Additional Hours

    Through the efforts of Councilman Becton who is a member of a Solid Waste subcommittee additional hours were initiated from the City and in conjunction with Waste Pro who holds the contract for solid waste for District 11. Additional hours were provided to residents who have trash or recycle pickup on Fridays.   Read More...

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    Southside’s Bayard is Pilot Program for COJ Public Works LED Study

    As the incandescent light bulb goes the way of the type writer, new technology like LED light bulbs provide a significant savings in electricity and longevity that can add up to big bucks for consumer households and businesses over time. This is especially true for our city municipalities. Each year, as an example, the City of Jacksonville spends approximately $9.3 million dollars for almost 110,000 streetlights that support our City’s roadways.   Read More...

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