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    City Council Passes CM Becton’s Neighborhood and Inter-Connectivity Bill 2018-271, Unanimously

    Jacksonville, FL (February 26, 2019) -- After nearly 10 months of hard work and many meetings, City Council passes Councilman Becton’s Bill 2018-271 during Tuesday nights meeting. The bill was first introduced on April 24, 2018 and is regarding road width in neighborhoods and inter-connectivity.Before City Council voted, Councilman Becton shared the following words:"Before you please find Version 14 of Bill 2018-271. This legislation is important for three reasons:It sets improved standards for ...  Read More...

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    CM Becton Addresses Resident’s Concerns in Baymeadows with D.R Horton Development

    Jacksonville, FL (January 11, 2019) – Councilman Danny Becton had an on-site meeting, as promised, in Baymeadows with City officials and homeowners of the community of Linkside and of D.R. Horton , Inc.’s Senior Vice President, Bob Porter. D.R.   Read More...

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