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Coj in Pursuit of New Fire Station

On November 15 at the Sweetwater, “Coffee with Katie” community meeting, CM Becton announced that negotiations are on-going to find an affordable and equitable land swap for a new fire station from the current City of Jacksonville owned site, labeled #63 to cover areas within Town Center / Gate Parkway / and Baymeadows area. The ISO rating of “10” for Hampton Park community is a “Top-Priority” initiative that is looking to be resolved as soon as possible. This high rating causes property insurance premiums to be more expensive and it has been reported that some insurance companies will not offer quotes at all. If current progress is successful, the City of Jacksonville CIP budget has included funds of $251,875 in year 2017-18 for immediate construction of a “temporary” station with a more permanent facility to be funded in years 2019-20 in the amount $3,018,750. The temporary station would provide immediate relief and reduction of the ISO rating to the area, therefore resolving these higher premium issues. A new fire station in the area would also provide improvements for overall coverage of the Baymeadows East and Gate Parkway area which is currently served by Station 44 from Western Way/Baymeadows and Station #28 on Hogan Road near Tinsel Town. Station #28 currently is the busiest station in the City of Jacksonville and needs overlapping relief for which this new station would provide. The currently owned site within the Town Center has been found to be insufficient in many ways to providing the relief that the Southside needs for these services.

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