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Cantrall and Morgan Listen to Residents Concens and Make Changes to Plans

Expect more construction along Gate Parkway and Deerwood Park Boulevard if PUD zoning is granted by the City Council on March 14. Ironically, another major project is going to mean an improvement, however so slight, in peak time traffic flow.

The 18-acre parcel at the corner of Gate Parkway and Deerwood Park Boulevard hopes to get zoning that would allow for residential, mixed-use medical and retail as well as office uses. Already in the works are plans for Multi-family residential apartments, up to 300 units, a Office / Medical up to 25,000 sqft, Commercial up to 50,000 sqft and a 110-room hotel / motel use.

Developer Sidlyd Investments met for a second time with concerned residents at the Southeast Regional Library on Feb. 21 to discuss changes they’ve made to their PUD proposal to satisfy residents’ concerns about walk-ability and what might a proposed gas/convenience store would look like, if built.

The company has been proactive having met with surrounding Homeowner Associations to get input, including residents from Oxford Chase, James Island and other communities within the area. The library meeting was to report their final proposal.

A traffic study, which included traffic projections for this project as well as the yet to be constructed IKEA store, the Hines mix-use neighborhood and the many other already approved projects in the area, found that with improvements Sidlyd plans to do that traffic flow will be improve with an investment of $1.4 million in transportation projects. Some of the improvements are as follows:

  • Add a Thru lane on Gate Parkway going North towards JTB.
  • Changing a Thru lane on Deerwood Park Blvd going East to a Thru-Left towards JTB
  • Changing a Thru lane on Deerwood Park Blvd going West to a Thru-Left to the South.
  • Changing a Thru-Right on Deerwood Park Blvd going West to a Right only towards JTB.

In effect, when completed with these improvements, capacity in the area will be increased providing more car capacity than it will be creating with the development.

Sidewalks will be constructed around the project’s perimeter as well as through the interior. This will allow nearby residents to walk to businesses that come to this project.

The PUD proposes strict rules for the construction of a convenience store. It specifies roof height, mandates decorative awnings or exterior window coverings. The exterior also has to be a mixture of materials including stone, glazing, wood and metal.

This matter comes before the Land Use and Zoning Committee on March 7 and will be voted upon by the City Council on March 14.

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