CM Becton Earns his Stripes at Tiger Bay

It takes a special sort of person to run for elected office. It takes drive and determination combined with a willingness to compromise for the betterment of the community as a whole. At the March 2016 meeting of the First Coast Tiger Bay Club,

District 11 Council Member Danny Becton spoke about the gratification and the pitfalls of placing your name on the ballot. In his speech, Becton spoke about three major topics – The Campaign, The Media, and Serving Once Elected.

His advice when it came to campaigning, was not to over promise, be prepared for early supporters to become scarce when the real work of campaigning begins and to expect negativity from opponents.

Becton found the media to be looking for dirt rather than accomplishments. He said to expect small past mistakes to be magnified. His positive advice was to never try to fake an answer. If the candidate doesn’t know the answer, say so, tell the reporter that you’ll look into it and get back to the reporter with an answer. Even if it is past the deadline, the reporter will appreciate that the candidate kept his word.

Once you’ve won the election, congratulations. With the win you have now taken on an advertised part-time job that in fact easily demands 40 hours a week. Be prepared to give up hobbies, personal time and even some important family time. Becton is self-employed and found early on that the temptation of reading a single city-related email can turn into many hours lost to your business. Neighborhood emergencies take precedence over family plans. Be sure to know the Sunshine law inside and out to avoid any conflicts.

He closed saying that he has no regrets running for office and appreciates the opportunity to serve the people of District 11 and the City of Jacksonville. The payment he receives from this job comes not from a check, but from the satisfaction he gets from making positive changes for his community.

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